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Trustville customer reviews
ISO 20448 compliant
May 20th 2022 5/5

Absolutely competent, passionate, courteous personnel. Plus the convenience of connecting directly from home (saving time and travel).

Customer review of Garroni P
SIGNIA Pure Charge & Go 7AX
June 26th 2022 4/5

The price/quality ratio is unique. I was and still am able to get in touch with a contact person / hearing care professional, or meetings are arranged to make fine adjustments to the hearing aids. AUZEN's employees took the time to address my concerns/questions in a satisfactory manner. The professional support was and is excellent. Thank you very much.

Customer review of Rüegg.G
May 10th 2022 4/5

With my previous hearing aids, I had a contact person on site. My experience with Auzen has shown that purchasing and fitting hearing aids also works well via the internet and video contact with the hearing care professionals. A nice side effect is that the purchase price is cheap.

Customer review of Müller.W
German-Speaking SWITZERLAND
PHONAK Audeo Paradise
July 29th 2022 4/5

In addition to saving money, I have found professionalism and courtesy. The new hearing aids have improved my father-in-law's life as he hears better and interacts more.

Customer review of BETTELLI.S