Auzen Care Guarantee

Auzen Care

Did you step on your hearing aids? Did you forget to take them out when you got into the shower?

Auzen Care covers you against theft, loss, accidental damage or mechanical failure of your hearing aid.

For £150.- per device, we guarantee the identical replacement of your hearing aids for 4 years. This warranty takes effect from the date of purchase of the device and expires if the hearing aid is replaced.
If the hearing aid is replaced, the deductible is equal to 30% of the purchase price.

Auzen Care is a warranty subscription that covers the Client in the event of hearing aid failure, damage, theft or loss. The subscription is valid for 4 years and is non-renewable. The warranty takes effect on the date of purchase of the device; the warranty terminates in the event the hearing aid is replaced. Clients must subscribe to Auzen Care within a maximum of 30 days from the date of purchase of a hearing aid.

In the event of damage, the product must be returned to Auzen by registered mail. The device will be examined in our laboratory, and our expert will determine whether the device can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

In the event the failure or damage is repairable, the warranty covers all repair costs (parts and labor).

The warranty also covers a single replacement in the event of theft, loss or irreparable damage. Should the hearing aid need to be replaced, the deductible is 30% of the purchase price at the time the hearing aid is replaced.

Auzen Care is valid for hearing aid(s) whose serial number is indicated on the invoice.