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How does it work? The Auzen way: close support, even from a distance.
1 100% secure online ordering

100% secure online ordering

  • Online hearing test or send the audiogram
  • Select and order hearing aids
  • Initial contact with dedicated expert
    • Assess needs and expectations
    • Create an adjustment protocol
    • Schedule future appointments
  • Your hearing aid settings are pre-configured in our laboratory
Receive and Discover 2

Receive and Discover

  • Receive and discover your pre-configured hearing aids
  • Connect your hearing aids to your phone
Video consultation care & support 3

Video consultation care & support


Unlimited support for the lifetime of the device.

Telemedicine in the UK

There are currently 5,000-6,000 daily teleconsultations, for a total of nearly 1.4 million per year. Thanks to teleconsultations, the number of in-person visits to medical centers has fallen. 70% of medical problems can be addressed online, and only 30% require a subsequent in-person consultation*.

What is Tele-Audiology?

Teleaudiology is one of telemedicine's new applications. It enables hearing aid professionals to perform remote consultations which include hearing tests, adjusting hearing aid settings and providing patient follow-up.

Cutting-edge next generation smart and connected hearing aids and mobile apps have made teleaudiology’s rapid international growth possible.

Premium teleaudiology service with Swiss quality and Swiss precision by Auzen

Less travel and greater access to care thanks to remote setting adjustments


Tele-audiology does not require equipment. A simple smartphone is instantly sufficient, anytime, anywhere.


Because our service is 100% online, you no longer need to travel. Whenever you need help, you can consult your hearing aid professional from the comfort of your own home.


Auzen provides its customers with substantial savings. Simply make an appointment to access free and unlimited consultations.


The hearing aids we offer are state-of-the-art technology. The mobile apps required to remotely adjust settings are compatible with almost all smartphones.


Our 100% online solution makes it possible to provide follow-up care and adjust settings as needed while respecting the recommended social distancing measures.

Auzen Performance

All our solutions include


  • Remote setting adjustment with mobile app
  • 30 DAY TRIAL satisfaction or money-back guarantee

Top quality

  • Discretion, performance and comfort
  • Rechargeable devices with charger included
  • Bluetooth connectivity
    Smartphone, Tablets, TV, audio streaming, etc.