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Launched in September 2022, the OMNIA 9 RU-961 DRWC micro-behind-the-ear rechargeable hearing aids are the most powerful and discreet device in the Resound Omnia line. Equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and 17 control channels, these technological gems deliver maximum clarity and a natural hearing experience. With the latest noise-processing algorithms and an additional built-in microphone, ReSound OMNIA 9 RU-961 DRWC hearing aids are suitable for people with any degree of hearing loss and provide unrivalled sound precision and listening comfort even with background noise!

The package contains:

– 1 Hearing Aids Charger
– 1 box of earwax filters
– 1 box of cleaning wipes
– 1 cleaning spray 30 ml
– Unlimited remote fitting sessions

Color: Grey
Auzen Care Guarantee: Auzen Care, an insurance against malfunction, theft or loss. (£150 per Ear)
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The note of the expert

Understanding in noise

GN Resound’s OMNIA RU961 hearing aids feature a 24-bit A/D converter with a powerful speaker for the most natural, organic sound. With 17 ranges and 17 channels, these hearing aids provide unrivalled setup accuracy and are ideal for people with both mild and severe hearing loss.  

Thanks to the Resound anti-larsen system, OMNIA RU961 – DRWC hearing aids guarantee a comfortable hearing experience and digital sound quality in everyday life! In addition, this model features a TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) function, which consists of gradually integrating filtered white noise that matches the frequency of the tinnitus each day.

Thanks to the Bluetooth function, Omnia RU 961 DRWC hearing aids are compatible with most smartphones, using the built-in accessibility features of IOS (iPhone) and Android. This means you can make and receive hands-free calls, as well as stream sound from the TV directly into your ear, listen to music, or connect other Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices.

With the Unite TV Streamer 2*, you can easily and comfortably connect your OMNIA RU961 hearing aids to your TV and enjoy unrivalled sound quality. And if you attach the ReSound Multi Mic* to the speaker or place it near the sound source, it will provide crystal clear sound, even from several metres away. 

*These accessories are not included. You can buy them in our online store.

Smart and intuitive Resound One apps allow you to set up and manage your hearing aids quickly and easily. For example, the Resound Smart 3D app lets you control your Omnia RU 961 device, turning the volume up or down to suit your needs. The ReSound Smart 3D App also lets your Auzen hearing specialists set up your hearing aids remotely and send the settings directly to your smartphone, wherever you are! 

Not sure whether it’s compatible with your phone? Get in touch with us via Chat.

Accessories included


Omnia RU 961 DRWC hearing aids are charged using the Omnia ReSound premium charging device. With a discreet and elegant design, you can take the charging device with you anywhere and enjoy up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge. The indicators will beep to let you know your hearing aids are fully charged.The indicators will light up to let you know your hearing aids are fully charged.

Charging time:

Fully charges in under 3 hours

Manufacturer’s warranty:

2-year battery warranty


To care for your Omnia RU 961 DRWC hearing aids and make sure they are comfortable and last longer, we provide:

  • A set of tools to care for your hearing aids, including a small rod and a brush.
  • A cleaning spray for your hearing aids.
  • 10 antibacterial wipes specially designed for thorough cleaning.

Enjoy incredible sound clarity every day while taking care of your hearing aids!

Maintenance accessories

To care for your GN ReSound OMNIA 9 – RU961 DRWC hearing aids and make sure they are comfortable and last longer, we provide:
  • A cleaning kit which contains a rod and small brush.
  • A cleaning spray to maintain completely-in-the-canal and in-the-canal hearing aids, as well as the surface of the ear domes.
  • 10 antibacterial cleaning wipes designed for additional cleaning.

Take care of your hearing aids and enjoy incredible sound clarity every day.

Technical specifications

Find all the technical specifications for the GN Resound GN ReSound OMNIA 9 – RU961 DRWC

Artificial intelligence Enhanced
Bluetooth Made for iPhone,
Compatible with Android
Programs 4 programmes
Number of bands 17
Programs button 10
Noise filtering 5 noise reduction options, 3 low noise reduction options
Selective speech amplification Advanced
Volume adjustment Automatic
Wind noise reduction 3 setting modes
Feedback cancellation Advanced
Impact noise reduction 3 choices
Treble compression Yes
Binaural communication Enhanced
Directional microphones 360 degree directivity, auto focus, front focus, M&RIE, ultra focus
Coil (T Position) No

Technical specifications


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