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The StreamLine Mic by Signia is designed for Android smartphone users. We particularly appreciate the combination of the 3 features: Audio streaming, remote microphone and remote control. With the StreamLine Mic, you can easily convert your hearing aids into a hands-free call kit or wireless headphones.

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The StreamLine Mic turns your Signia hearing aids into discreet wireless headphones for streaming stereo sound from all your Bluetooth-enabled devices (Android smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.). The StreamLine Mic also functions as a lavalier microphone and can be used as a remote microphone. Very useful in noisy environments such as restaurants or conference rooms, it allows you to clearly hear the voice of a person located at a maximum distance of 20 meters. Designed for users of Android smartphones or any phone equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, it can be controlled remotely very simply using the Signia App.

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