Phonak Premium Charger & Power Pack Portable Battery


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The Phonak Premium charger can be combined with the Phonak Power Pack portable battery to charge hearing aids without a power outlet at hand. It also acts as a drying box and a protective case.

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The Phonak Premium Charger is a protective case that charges hearing aids very quickly. It includes the Phonak Power Pack portable battery for the charging case, which provides up to 7 days of extra battery life with no power source required. Its dedicated desiccant tablet slot and small removable cleaning brush enable the easy daily maintenance of your hearing aids. We particularly appreciate its practicality which allows discreet charging on the go. Its simple connectivity allows you to plug it in anywhere and charge by USB. This charger is compatible with the Phonak Paradise series.

Quick ChargeCharges in 3 hours for 24 hour autonomy.

Super-fast charging feature15-minute charge for 3 hours of performance.

Power Pack: Up to 7 days of additional battery life.

Manufacturer Warranty: 2-year warranty by Auzen. 

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