Widex SmartRIC R D 440

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Unrivalled Sound clarity and Battery life

Presenting the latest (2024) industry-leading auditory technology, the Widex SmartRIC R D 440 stands as the highest level of excellence within the SmartRIC R D lineup. Engineered to offer users an unmatched auditory experience, it effectively reduces wind and touch noise while boasting exceptional battery longevity. With the innovative Widex PureSound™ technology at its core, these hearing aids deliver pristine sound quality like never before. Their new revolutionary L shape allows them to sit comfortably and more discreetly than ever on the wearer’s ear, providing the purest and most natural hearing experience, even in busy and noisy sound environments The highest of the range, the Widex SmartRIC R D 440, incorporates advanced noise reduction, wind management, and high-frequency control technologies. Tailored to address moderate to severe hearing loss, these hearing aids redefine the possibilities of auditory enhancement. The fully rechargeable Widex SmartRIC RD 440 allows users to enjoy uninterrupted usage. Equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery, it empowers users with up to 37 hours of continuous performance on a single charge or 27 hours of use and 8 hours of sound streaming.

The package contains:
– 1 Hearing Aids Charger
– 1 box of earwax filters
– 1 box of cleaning wipes
– 1 cleaning spray 30 ml
– Lifetime access to certified audiologist

Color: Honey blonde
Auzen Care Guarantee: Auzen Care, an insurance against malfunction, theft or loss. (£150 per Ear)
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The note of the expert

Understanding in noise
The Widex SmartRIC RD 440 incorporates 15 fine-tuning processing channels and Widex PureSound™ technology for natural sound quality. ZeroDelay™ technology ensures real-time sound transmission for seamless auditory experiences. It features advanced noise reduction, including Soft-Level noise reduction for low-volume situations and Noise Reduction for background noise. Unlike lower-performance models, the Widex SmartRIC R D 440 features Smartwind Manager, which provides exceptional wind and sound reduction, while the HD Locator assists users in managing high frequencies. Additional functionalities like the Audibility Extender and True Acoustics enhance the hearing experience by automatically adjusting sound settings for user comfort.
The Widex SmartRIC R D 440 distinguishes itself among Widex Smart RIC models for its reliable connectivity through direct mobile wireless (2.4 GHz) technology. This feature eliminates the need for Bluetooth connections, providing seamless linking with both Android and iPhone devices for effortless calls and streaming. These hearing aids seamlessly integrate with DEX assistive listening devices via WidexLink technology, enhancing their compatibility and versatility. The Widex SmartRIC R D 440 also connects with accessories such as the Widex Sound Assist for Bluetooth connection, the Sound Connect accessory for streaming audio, and more. These accessories are not included. You can buy them in our online store.
The Widex SmartRIC R D 440 offers compatibility with the Widex Moment app featuring SoundSense Learn technology. This innovative app empowers users to personalise sound settings and listening programmes directly from their smartphones, catering to individual preferences. The Widex Moment app also connects the smartphone to the hearing aid, allowing for direct streaming of calls and audio. Users can go to the help section in the application for common questions and troubleshooting. The app is fully customisable and accessible for both Android and iOS devices, ensuring a tailored auditory experience for each user. Not sure whether it’s compatible with your phone? Get in touch with us via Chat.

Accessories included


The Widex SmartRIC R D 440 hearing aid leads the industry with its new Widex Portable Charger. This nomad charger is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing users to charge their hearing aids up to five times on the go. Each full charge gives users 37 hours of usage. Thanks to the nomad charger, users can use their hearing aids for almost a week without needing access to any external power source. This gives users the freedom to travel, knowing their hearing aids will not run out of battery.  Compact and lightweight, the portable charger doubles as a hearing aid case and can be used on-the-go once charged. This multi-functional accessory enhances the user experience, providing practicality and convenience without compromising performance.

Charging time: Charges fully in 4 hours.
A half-hour charge gives up to 8 hours of usage.
The charger can power the hearing aids for five full charges, or close to a week of performance, before needing to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Manufacturer Warranty: 4-year battery warranty


To care for your Widex SmartRIC R D 220 hearing aids and make sure they are comfortable and last longer, we provide:

  • A set of tools to care for your hearing aids, including a small rod and a brush.
  • Cleaning spray for in-the-ear hearing aids.
  • 10 antibacterial wipes specially designed for thorough cleaning.

Take care of your Widex SmartRIC R D 220 hearing aids and enjoy incredible sound clarity every day.

Maintenance accessories

To care for your Widex SmartRIC R D 440 hearing aids and make sure they are comfortable and last longer, we provide:
  • A cleaning kit which contains a rod and small brush.
  • A cleaning spray to maintain completely-in-the-canal and in-the-canal hearing aids, as well as the surface of the ear domes.
  • 10 antibacterial cleaning wipes designed for additional cleaning.

Take care of your hearing aids and enjoy incredible sound clarity every day.

Technical specifications

Find all the technical specifications for the WIDEX Widex SmartRIC R D 440

Artificial intelligence Advanced
Bluetooth Available for iPhone
Available for Android
Programs 5 programmes
Number of bands 15
Programs button Yes
Noise filtering 3 noise reduction options:
low noise reduction
Selective speech amplification Advanced
Volume adjustment Automatic
Wind noise reduction Yes
Feedback cancellation Advanced
Impact noise reduction Yes
Treble compression Yes
Binaural communication Yes
Directional microphones Yes
Coil (T Position) Yes

Technical specifications


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