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Widex SmartRIC
R D 440
£1,490 £1,290 Sound Clarity
& Battery Life

Presenting the latest (2024) industry-leading auditory technology, the Widex SmartRIC R D 440 stands as the highest level of excellence within the SmartRIC R D lineup.

Widex SmartRIC
R D 220
Sound Clarity
& Battery Life

Launched in March 2024, the Widex SmartRIC R D 220 hearing aids help users enjoy a sound as natural as possible, with reduced wind and touch noise and outstanding battery life.

Moment 220
£890 Aesthetic
& Performance

Widex Moment 220 mRIC R are the budget-friendly rechargeable RIC hearing aids model in the Widex Moment series. With 6 control channels and IP68 rating, this model is suitable for people with mild to moderate+ hearing loss.

Moment Sheer
220 sRIC RD
& Clarity

Moments Sheer 220 sRIC RD are the budget-friendly rechargeable RIC hearing aids model in the Widex Moment Sheer line. Launched in September 2022, this model is suitable for people with all levels of hearing loss, from mild to severe.

Moment 440
£1,190 Artificial Intelligence
& Miniaturisation

Widex Moment 440 mRIC R are rechargeable RIC hearing aids which sit comfortably and discreetly behind the hear and possess 15 control channels. They are IP68 water and dust resistant and are suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss.

Moment Sheer
440 sRIC RD
& Sound Clarity

Launched in September 2022, Widex Moment Sheer 440 sRIC R D rechargeable hearing aids with a receiver in canal are discreet state-of-the-art hearing devices with a variety of advanced functions, including SmartWind Manager, High Frequency Boost and Speech Enhancer.

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Moment 220
12 bands min
4-hour charge lasts for 24 hours 30-minute charge for 4 hours of full performance No
Digital sound processing
Understanding in noise
Automatic adaptation to the environment
AntiTinnitus Program
Full Charge
Quick Charge feature
Automatic Fall Detection
Moment 440
24 bands min
4-hour charge lasts for 24 hours 30-minute charge for 4 hours of full performance No
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Widex: unbeatable sound quality

Developed over the course of 65 years, Widex technology is driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence
and unbeatable sound quality. Widex has dedicated its skills and professional commitment to enhancing
sound and serving society.

Widex positions itself as the premier partner for hearing specialists, helping to streamline the setup
and follow-up process thanks to:

  • Setup software to make initial use easier
  • Remote support capabilities
  • Innovative adaptation technology

Widex is convinced that it is only possible to help the hard-of-hearing with the contribution of leading
hearing specialists. Widex’s commitment to its partners like Auzen is reflected in the company’s slogan:

“While we bring sound to life, our hearing specialists bring our hearing solutions to life”

Do you want to enjoy a quality hearing experience in your everyday life? Speak with an Auzen hearing
specialist and learn more about the Widex solutions best suited for you.

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Widex Ambassadors

Who better to appreciate the quality of Widex’s own PureSoundTM technology than experts in their field
who are passionate about sound?

Widex has made it its mission to reproduce sound in the most natural way possible. To achieve this
goal, Widex regularly seeks inspiration from audio connoisseurs, who live and breathe music and sound
every day. As part of this project, Widex asked three creative people to become brand ambassadors
and talk about the role that sound plays in their lives. This formed the basis of the Widex sound

According to Ida Riegels, an award-winning composer and cellist who believes music is at the heart of
everything she does: “Without sound, there would be no music, and hearing is a window to the soul.”

For the legendary composer, flautist and pianist Brian Jackson, who from a young age was fascinated
by the music that has played a key role in his career: “Life is so much more beautiful when you can
hear every nuance.”

And finally, for Dominique Le Gendre, an acclaimed composer and classical guitarist who believes that
the perfect sound should be as natural as possible: “Composing music means paying special attention
to a range of sounds”

Getting to know the backgrounds and philosophies of these three ambassadors allows the Widex brand to
understand their common goal: to enjoy quality sound!

Widex brand sustainable development philosophy

Widex is always looking for ways to minimise its environmental impact in terms of energy, water and
fuel consumption, as well as waste disposal and product packaging. Widex’s wind-powered headquarters,
sustainable packaging and participation in global research are all examples of the brand’s commitment
to protecting sound and the environment through responsible business decisions.

Widex’s headquarters, located on the outskirts of Copenhagen, has even been designed to limit its
environmental impact. The building is equipped with a geothermal system that uses groundwater as a
heat reservoir that lasts for several years. A wind turbine is installed on the top of the building,
providing the Widex facilities with more energy than they even need. This system not only helps Widex
to be carbon neutral, but also allows the brand to redistribute the excess energy back into the grid
and provide a carbon-free contribution to the local area.

As part of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) programme, Widex also adheres to the Ten Principles
established by the United Nations regarding respect for human rights, protection of international
labour standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption.

Widex’s commitment to partners and hearing specialists

A passion for perfecting sound has been part of Widex’s DNA since the brand was first created. From
developing the first digital CIC hearing aid in 1995 to changing attitudes in the sound industry with
the introduction of the new Widex MomentTM Sheer hearing solutions, every step on Widex’s journey has
also been a new step in sound enhancement.

But for Widex, their mission to perfect sound doesn’t end with just developing new hearing aids. In
collaboration with its network of hearing specialists, the company wants to help people discover a
whole new world of sound. To achieve this, the brand provides its hearing specialists with Widex
hearing aids, featuring:

  • Natural innovative sound
  • The highest acceptance rate on the market
  • Simple and flexible adjustment

Widex places huge importance on the role of its partner hearing specialists such as Auzen, which is
reflected in their slogan:

“Together we can connect words and emotions for people around the world”

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